"Each time a child is born

the world changes.

When you were born,

there was a new person

for your family to love and care for.

And because of you

there is one more person

who can love and care for others."


"Something as big and important as peace

begins with something small and precious."


This book was nominated twice.


From the reviewers: 

I've given this book to new parents many times and it has always been a hit. The illustrations are engaging, but not overwhelming. The message that our children's lives matter can never be said enough. That they hear it from their parents makes the message matter even more.





From B. G. Hennessy:

It is my policy not to review my own books. But this book has been nominated three times. Over the years it has garnered a very loyal following. A popular teacher or baby shower gift, it works on many different levels. 



For more about this book go HERE  for information on other books of mine go HERE. 


CURIOUS ABOUT THE BOOK? Listen to a narration





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