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  • Ariel Lawhon

Read Aloud Reading Rules?

"Here’s the truth, friends: Raising readers is not an

easy task.

Consider one recent episode in the Lawhon household…

"Me: “Boys, what are the Reading Rules?” Boy #1 (twelve-year-old): “No talking while you read.” Boy #2 (eleven-year-old): “No asking questions until you’re done.” Boy #3 (eight-year-old): “No hitting.” Boy #4 (seven-year-old): “No farting. Also, I’m sorry.

"This, as you can imagine, sent the conversation straight down the toilet

(pun intended). Spasms of giggles. Groans. Protests.

One child plugged his nose and ran around the couch.

Another flailed on the floor. But now they were inspired.

And hyper."

Sound like your household? Then read more HERE


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