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  • James Marshall

George and Martha

"When Martha saw George's lovely new golden

tooth, she was very happy. "George!" she

exclaimed, "You look so handsome and distinguished

with your new tooth!"

And George was happy too. "That's what friends

are for," he said. "They always look on the bright

side and they always know how to cheer you up."

"But they also tell you the truth," said Martha

with a smile.

When I was a child I thought summer was the best time to have a best friend.

I can't think of better friends than James

Marshall's dynamic hippo duo, George & Martha.

When I was working as an art director I worked with James Marshall on several books, though not any of the George & Martha books.


Like all best friends, George and Martha do everything together—go to the movies, play at the beach, and just hang around not doing much of anything. George and Martha teach each other that even in a close friendship, privacy is important, practical jokes can sometimes backfire, and among other things, pouring split pea soup into your loafers to spare the chef’s feelings is not the best-laid plan.

There are several books based on George and Martha and their wonderful friendship. They are available separate editions and as a compete collection.


Read more about James Marshall and how this book came to be on Anita Silvey's terrific site: Children's Book-a-Day-Almanac

James Marshall video interview

Celebration of James Marshall's Work

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