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This library is a center for all things related to reading aloud. It includes book suggestions from kids, parents, teachers and librarians. There are links to the latest research as well as tips on how to improve your reading aloud style. Interested in having a book themed party? Baby Shower? Classroom Book Week? Library or Bookstore Event? We've got you covered.


This is a special kind of library. A library of book recommendations that are great read alouds. Some books are childhood favorites, some are teacher’s choices for a classroom, and some are shared family favorites.

There are few moments in a busy day that are more important than sharing a good book. From the busiest parent, to the most frazzled teacher, to the most frustrated child, reading together is something that everyone can enjoy. In a world where children-and their parents- are spending hours a day in front of one type of screen or another, reading aloud remains one of the easiest and purest forms of play. No batteries, no downloads, just your imagination required.

Who can nominate a book? Parents, teachers, librarians, children, editors, writers and illustrators. Do you have a favorite read aloud? If you have read the book, or the book has been read to you, nominate a book.

So, join me and…

Turn it off. Turn a Page. Share a Book.



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