Looking for a good read aloud for a bad day?

You need a trip to the Bunny Planet.

Three bunnies are having three different very bad days- Felix gets sick in front of the class, Robert has to visit his dreaded cousins, and Claire has a day when nothing goes right. Just when things are at their worst- in comes Janet, queen of the Bunny Planet.

Far beyond the moon and stars,

Twenty light years south of Mars

Spins the gentle Bunny Planet

And the Bunny Queen is Janet.

"Felix," Janet says, "Come in,

Here's the day that should have been."

Wells perfectly captures each child's frustration. And what parent hasn't wished they could go back and give their child "the day that should have been?"

This is one of my all time favorite read alouds and a book I love to share. Best to be read one-on-one.

One of the nicest compliments I have received was from an out of town friend who called to say she was coming to visit, "Barbara," she said, "I need a trip to the Bunny Planet."

Nominated by B. G. Hennessy, reader

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