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From B. G. Hennessy

Children's book authors live and breathe the importance of literacy. However, we are storytellers first and I've never met a children's book author who wasn't a book person.


A love of reading often begins on the lap of a parent or on the floor of a classroom. There are many outstanding literacy programs and bravo to each one. The THERE'S A LAP FOR THAT READ ALOUD LIBRARY has a different mission. Our goal is to find the right book that will motivate a child to WANT to learn how to read by developing a love of story and book time. One book at a time, one child at a time.


From the busiest parent to the most frazzled teacher to the most frustrated child, reading together is something that everyone can enjoy. In a world where children and their parents are spending hours a day in front of one type of screen or another, reading aloud remains one of the easiest and purest forms of play. There is no multitasking when you have a squirmy child on your lap. 


A physical book requires no batteries, no downloading, just your attention and imagination.




I've been making books most of my life. I've been a book designer, an art director for a children's book publisher, and now the author of over 35 children's books. (Go to: As much as I love making books, I love reading aloud to children more. My goal for my THERE'S A LAP FOR THAT READ ALOUD LIBRARY is to collect a list of great read aloud books. With fewer bookstores and libraries, and even less time to visit them, my hope is that this library will be a place where you can share and find a favorite read aloud.













Once, one of my children asked if any of my books had won money. Mystified by the question, I asked him what he meant,"You know," he said, "like when they put money (meaning the Caldecott or Newbery medals) on the book cover." Well, no I haven't won one of those money medals. To me, the best award/reward is when a child says, "read it again!" right after reading one of my books. Now, that's "money."  


So, please join me and 









Who nominates the books? Parents, teachers, librarians, children, editors, writers and illustrators.  Do you have a favorite read aloud? If you have read the book or the book has been read to you, nominate a book.



Turn it off. Turn a Page. Share a Book.
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